Ok, so aside fr…

Ok, so aside from my rant about how easy and common it is for people to instantly declare themselves professional photographers and contribute to devaluing the services and products photographers provide (so that people expect or even demand photography for free or deeply discounted)…

2.) I’d also like to make a point to address the issue of selling prints. The aforementioned issue makes things difficult enough but then there’s the issue of prints being “stolen”. It makes sense that you’d make proofs available in an online gallery or even post previews on Facebook and allow people to tag themselves and show off their images to friends and family. The problem is that many abuse this and save these proofs or images to their various devices and attempt to make their own prints, redistribute the images and maybe even crop out or remove the photography logo. Not giving a photographer credit where it is due is one thing but then paying a third party company for prints or products using those prints instead of the person who took them, well that’s just downright rude. The exception is if you have arranged to purchase the digital files from the photographer for this purpose. It honestly makes me cringe to think of the photos I take such care in creating being printed at a low quality lab, and worse without my permission. People may not realize this but unless you have a written release from the photographer that took the photos, it is illegal to copy or print them. It is not ok to make your own prints from proofs.

As professionals, we want you to have the best quality photos printed by a top lab in the industry. We spend time seeking out a professional lab to form a partnership with. I know I have taken this very seriously. I’ve gotten sample prints from every lab I’ve found in order to ensure I am happy with the paper and color quality, as well as pricing, shipping and processing times, and availability of other print products offered. These are the kind of prints that will not fade over time and will look crisper and brighter than standard printing labs at say, local department stores. I want people to have these higher quality prints because I care about what the end product is.

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