There are changes in the works and change can be exciting, maybe a little scary at first but it’s for the greater good! I recently went to a mixer hosted by one of the professional labs I work with. It was nice mingling, seeing and holding all the different products, and also tasty Italian food was involved. It made up for not being able to make it to the WPPI conference (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). ¬†Met fellow photographers in the local area and got to see a lot of nifty photo products in action, many of which were new. I absolutely loved what I saw and left knowing that I want to complete a photo session experience with unique, high end products. Going forward, regular session fees will be accompanied by a print credit instead of a set amount of prints. This lets the client pick and choose what they’d like. In addition to print packages I will offer specialty packages filled with unique photo products. I really want to incorporate these new products that I know people will love.

I also utilized a cost of doing business calculator and “wow” is all I have to say. That being said, my prices are going to increase a little. In comparison with other photographers in the area on the same level and having figured what I’d need to make in a day of shooting to earn a living and keep up with the cost of equipment, it only makes sense that I can no longer offer anything below a $75 session fee. I know in the past I have had “specials” but unfortunately that is now a thing of the past. I will still offer mini sessions every now and again, around the holidays mainly. There is a sign-up sheet in progress right now for Easter mini sessions. My new price and package lists will be posted soon.

I have samples on hand for these exciting new products, here’s a sneak peek:

New photo blocks!

fine art canvas studio samples

Presentation Folios

Deluxe hardwood frames

Lots more to come!

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