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With a stork on its way

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to do a maternity shoot with two wonderful people, Jeremy and Tasha. Seemed everyone involved had fun with it and we got some great shots, in my humble opinion. The overcast grey overhead cleared up right as we started and by the end we had a pastel swirl of the sun’s setting as a backdrop. How lucky was it that we happened to have cotton fields and a river nearby to work with also. Here’s a preview:

Hello, goodbye.

This is my first post! (yay) I’m hopeful this will prove to be a great way to share my photographic experiences. Starting a little late in the year but no better time than now. It’s Fall, sort of. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the seasons apart, this being the sunshine state and all. At any rate, I absolutely love Fall… the colors, the spices, the cool-down of Summer. That’s right Summer, take a break already. I’m hoping to somehow see leaves change this year. Regardless, you’ll be hearing from me soon. I’ll be recruiting models for photo shoots in the meantime.

I had taken these quite a while ago but recently found them and by them are reminded of a whole theme I want to shoot in. We’ll see what unfolds.¬†

in unexpected places

to ponder the day