Austin, Part One

austin_4Texas was its own nation for nine years, from 1836 to 1845. Many Texans hold this fact dear to their hearts and even hope it may come to pass again someday. Each city in this state has its own vibe but all in all, it definitely still feels like you’re in the United States. On this particular excursion we spent nearly a week in Austin. The people are friendly and goodness do they love dogs here. I finally found a place that seems to be more into dogs than San Diego!

There was a huge trail that ran along the river behind our hotel and we got to know it very well. It allows for great views of the skyline and random kayakers. It also leads to the famous Congress bridge which houses an amazing amount of bats. When they’re at peak, people come from all around to view them. Most have migrated but I was told they start coming back in March. Here are a few more shots from my first walk on the trail.