At some point life seems like it starts to speed up. Days turn into weeks, before you know it months have gone by and you soon find yourself wondering where the year went. It’s only later down the road we look back and realize how precious these fleeting moments are. It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine, the laundry piling up, the dishes, the work, the stress, what’s for dinner, all the little things that take up all of our time and focus.

     I am a fine art and portrait photographer now based out of San Diego, CA. I am also an advocate for love; I believe in it whole-heartedly. I have come to realize this is what matters most in my life, loving and being loved. It is all around us, in airport goodbyes, soldiers coming home from deployments, a mother holding her child for the first time, a family around the table at Thanksgiving, a warm welcome home from my dog Charlie, and in so very many places. This is why I capture the bond between people so well. I see the absolute beauty in simple moments, moments that we can never have again. I’m going to use a quote from a great movie here because I feel like it represents what I feel so well.

“The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”


 I believe it is so important to cherish the time you have with those you love. I also believe there is no greater memento than a photograph. All I have left of my Grandfather is my memory of him and his photograph, and I will pass that on to his great-grandchildren. That is what I choose to deliver, not just a photograph but an heirloom. 

Please explore the site and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule your session at: mysti@snapsbymasharra.com

Looking forward to meeting you!


Quick tidbits of info:
  • Established in 2003.
  • Providing high quality pet and portrait photography in San Diego, California. (sometimes Central Florida)
  • Portrait sessions begin at $150. Digital images and print packages may be purchased separately.
  • Please inquire about setting up a consultation to determine what options work best for you.
  • On location and studio styled shoots available. Locations determined by type of shoot and wardrobe choices.
  • I can help you decide on what to wear! Feel free to email or message me photos of potential outfits. I can also email you style ideas. If you’re unsure, bring it and we can decide together! Outfit changes are allowed and encouraged.
  • Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you may have: mysti@snapsbymasharra.com
  • My fine art photography is available in my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/masharra
  • And also on Society 6: http://society6.com/MasharraMysti

The showcase on etsy will change.